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Nature of Business

FLE South Africa Pty Ltd


Introduction and Background

FLE was established in 2010 as part of an initiative to harness key entrepreneurial skills in order to address project management needs across various industrial boundaries.

The aim of the organization being:
– Establishment of a network of organizations that could help address turn-key project management of requirements;
– Deliver a specialized project management service using a defined and tested project management philosophy; and
– Ensure an integration of project management activities with other functional areas during the delivery of the project;

FLE  and its affiliated organizations has implemented projects in the following industries:
– Automotive Industry
– Aeronautical Industry
– Mining Industry

These projects vary from:
– Business Management Consultancy Projects
– Brown and Green Field Developments
– Facility Engineering and Management Projects

Affiliated Organizations (Engineering and Technology):

AG-Affiliated Organisations

Project References per Industry Engineering and Technology

Project References per Industry

Nature of Business and Value Proposition


FLE  was established as an engineering consulting entity with a very strong focus on project management.

As this field of services is quite developed there exist several project management philosophies/methodologies that FLE ascribes to and utilizes in the roll-out of projects.

To a large extend the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PmBok) philosophy forms the back-bone of many of the FLE implementations.

There is however many organizations that have an internally defined project management methodology that can be incorporated in the roll-out of the project.

Taking this into account FLE has developed a portfolio of activities addressing all phases of the normal project life cycle
(see below)
Portfolio of Activities

The activities are further elaborated on by the following visual graph explaining the segments of activity per project implementation.

Segments of Activity

Skills-Set and Expertise:

The activities of FLE (Pty) Ltd is coordinated and managed by Professional Engineers.

FLE (Pty) Ltd prides itself on its strong project management capability and its associated implementation network.

Future Development and Value Adding

LME (Pty) Ltd is continuously evolving and is currently redefining its operational footprint;

The future focus of activity will be aligned with the graph below:
Future Focus of Activity
Facility Upgrade – focusing on:

    • Green and Brown Field Capex Projects;
    • Facility Replacement Projects;
    • Technology Projects;

Lean Manufacturing – focusing on:

    • Facility Usage and Application;
    • Continuous Improvement and Lean Manufacturing Principles;

Facility Upgrade – focusing on:

    • Reactive and Preventative Maintenance


We are capable to render a complete service on a contract basis to monitor progress on a scheduled basis, for preventative maintenance.

    • Quality Control
    • Effective Management
    • Financial Management
    • Project Management
    • Logistics Management
    • Effective Workmanship