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Quality And Safety

Quality & Safety

We work according to all Regional Services Council, Local Authorities, Mining Authorities, SABS 0400 guidelines and specific regional bylaws.

It is approved and accepted by all our clients to date.

Most works are done on site and done according to a job package consisting of the following:

    • Job Request
    • Protocol
    • Planning Cards
    • Quality Control Plan
    • Inspection List
    • Report of work done
    • Progress Reports

Africa Group is proud of its safety record and presents a comfortable environment to our workers.


    • Accidents in site for the past ten years – Nil
    • Road Accidents for the past five years – 7
    • Thefts at office and on site for the past five years – Nil
    • Accidental deaths for the past five years – Nil
    • Arrests for the past five years – Nil
    • Fatal Accidents – Nil

Health & Safety

All employees of Africa Group attend an initial induction along with compulsory courses to enable them to feel safe in their workplace and environment.

    • Medical
    • Firefighting Level I
    • Health & Safety
    • First Aid
    • Safe Driving
    • Individual Plant & Machinery Operator Training
    • Scaffolding & Trenching
    • Demarcation
    • Effective Management
    • Middle Management


FLE SA PTY LTD is committed to safety, health and environmental of its people and the Client in preventing incidents and accidental loss to its employees, property and the environment.
In fulfilling this commitment, we will provide and maintain a healthy and safe work environment as indicated by acceptable organization practices and complied with legislative requirements, and we will strive to eliminate any foreseeable hazards which may result in personal injuries/illnesses, fires, security losses and damage to property.
Accidental loss can be controlled through good management with a combination of active employee involvement. Managing risk and hazards is the direct responsibility of all FLE SA employees and management alike. Risk assessments will be completed for every task/ project.
All management functions, including line and associated management, will comply with requirements as they apply to the design, operate and maintenance of plant, equipment and facilities. All employees will perform their jobs properly in accordance with established Health and Safety procedures and operating objectives.


FLE SA PTY LTD recognizes the importance of environmental protection and is committed to operating its business responsibly and in compliance with all environmental legislation, regulations and approved codes of practice relating to environmental management
It our company objective to operate and to maintain good relations with all relevant regulatory bodies. FLE SA declare, that the policy to carry out all measures reasonably practicable procedures to facilitate the ability to continually improve environmental performance.
As a company, we will ensure:
      1. Assess and regularly re-assess the environmental effects of the FLE SA equipment, vehicles and
        operations on daily basis before work commences.

      3. Adhere to all relevant legislation and regulations concerning waste and environmental well being during
        our work activities.

      5. Ensure that all contractor / subcontractor operations are in line with this policy, and that they are
        aware of their respective roles and responsibilities with regard to environmental issues.

      7. Train all our company employees in relevant environmental issues.
      8. Reduce and minimise the generation of waste.
      9. Minimise material wastage and actively promote the use of recyclable and renewable materials.
      10. Minimise energy waste.
      11. Eliminate and or limit the generation of pollution to air, land and water.
      12. Dispose of all waste under controlled conditions when re-cycling and / or re-use of materials is not a
        viable option and provide separate waste bins for different waste

      14. Reduce and control any noise emissions from our work activities.
      15. Reduce and control any dust emissions from our work activities.
      16. Minimise or eliminate environmental risks to general public and employees from FLE SA work activities.

This environmental policy is communicated to all employees, customers and subcontractors and is made available to all interested parties. All personnel understand their obligations under this policy statement and abide with the principles contained therein. FLE SA will constantly monitors and reviews its environmental performance and this Environmental Policy Statement in order to ensure its compliance sustainability